About Our Neapolitan Pizzeria & Italian Pasta Restaurant
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Antonio Suppa is dedicated to keeping his late father’s legacy alive and thriving at 745 Osteria, an artisan, Naples influenced food establishment in Old Saybrook.

Antonio Suppa literally grew up in the restaurant business. His parents, Chef Silvio and Vittoria Suppa, owned the legendary Del Monaco’s Restaurant on Wooster Street in New Haven for 25 years; considered to be the only place to go for authentic Italian food from celebrities to food critics. Antonio inherited his father’s passion for cooking as he worked side-by-side with his father since he was a child. Silvio taught him how to prepare dishes that were passed down for generations, and also how to run a business. The Suppa family went on to open Café Allegre in Madison, and Antonio became the sole proprietor and head chef of WoodWinds Weddings and Special events venue in Branford.

We encourage you to visit our Neapolitan pizzeria and Italian restaurant for dinner tonight to experience our authentic Italian food for yourself. Beyond just dining in, we offer Italian takeout to those throughout Essex, Old Lyme, Westbrook, Old Saybrook, CT and the surrounding towns. Call today to learn more about our menu!

Upholding Heritage

Along with his long-time friend and now business partner, Michael Picard, owner of Atlas Companies, they embarked on a trip to Naples to study the ingredients and process of true Neapolitan pizza making, spending time with many Chefs in that area. They both wanted to uphold the integrity of Naples cuisine and honor the heritage of Chef Silvio as well. 745 Osteria’s welcoming ambiance offers a variety of healthy, fresh foods from pasta to salmon dinners. Suppa also brings an extremely unique element to Osteria with staff trained by chefs who are certified by the Verace Pizza Association (AVPN) from Naples, Italy. These AVPN certifications are a mark of excellence in the pizza industry and must follow the traditional Neapolitan pizza preparation methods, such as hand-stretching the dough, using a wood-fired oven, and the use of specific high-quality ingredients sourced from specific regions in Italy.

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What Does Being Neapolitan Pizza Certified Mean?

Being a certified Neapolitan Pizza chef is a prestigious deal!

The AVPN is an organization that was founded in Naples, Italy, in 1984 to promote and protect the authentic Neapolitan pizza tradition. To become certified by the AVPN, you need to follow a set of strict guidelines and criteria that ensure the quality and authenticity of your Neapolitan pizza. Here are the main requirements to obtain the AVPN certification:

01. Use the right ingredients

You must use specific ingredients to make your Neapolitan pizza, such as Caputo flour, San Marzano tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, and extra-virgin olive oil. The ingredients must be of high quality and sourced from specific regions in Italy.

02. Follow the Right Preparation Methods

You must follow the traditional Neapolitan pizza preparation methods, such as hand-stretching the dough, using a wood-fired oven, and cooking the pizza for no more than 90 seconds at a temperature of around 485°C (905°F).

03. Attend a Training Course

To become certified, you need to attend a training course that covers the history, culture, and techniques of Neapolitan pizza making. The AVPN offers courses in Naples and other locations around the world.

04. Pass a Practical Exam

After completing the training course, you need to pass a practical exam that tests your pizza-making skills. The exam consists of making two pizzas: one Margherita and one Marinara, which are the classic Neapolitan pizza types.

Once you pass the exam, you will receive the AVPN certification, which is a mark of excellence in the pizza industry. The certification can help you stand out as a skilled Neapolitan pizza maker.

By providing staff trained by AVPN-certified chefs straight from Naples, Italy, 745 Osteria is offering you the authentic Neapolitan pizza dining experience.


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